About me.

I was born in 1982, in Valencia. I think it’s a good year. Amazing things happend in Spain these year and I think people born in the 80’s are a good generation. But I guess everyone think that their year of birth is the best.

Since very young, my life has been related to design in one way or another (although I did not know until later) starting as a kid playing with creative games like Lego, unassembling stuff of my home and even playing with the first Autocad drawing kid's stuff like cars and space ships.

I studied Technical Drawing first, and then Industrial Design (UPV), finishing both studies in 2005. In 2007 I completed my studies with a Master in Graphic Arts (UPV). Since then, I have worked in small, medium and large business always in positions related with design and without never stop learning.

I’ve been always able to manage little personal works while working for others. But those little works became less little so in 2010 I decided to start my own design studio based on Valencia.

In 2013 I had the opportunity to join a small but fast growing company related with furniture and decor design. In which since then until now I work as Design Director.